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Brown Hair Algae Issue


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Hey guys,

Im having a terrible issue with Brown hair algae. Its everywhere.

Its on my microsword, its ALL OVER the roots of my pothos. Its starting to grow on my wisteria.

I have put 1 bag of Phosgaurd in the filter aswell as Chemipure elite, 2 bags of purigen. Still grows. 2 water changes a week (20% each time). I dose EG everyday.
My nitrates stay at about 30-40ppm. tank temp is at 85F (housing GBR's).

I feed every other day to keep down on excess nutrients in the water.
I use well water.
Well water stats:
PH 6.8
Amonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 20

I have tried everything. I even dip the pothos roots in a small bath of water and hydrogen peroxide and helps for a week then its covered again. I regularly remove the Brown hair algae with a toothbrush every time i water change.

Am i missing something? I need help lol

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I run low tech and try to limit myself to drastic solutions when I can. I have brown hair algae off and on and what I found is that the closer the plants/decor are to the lights the more it grows/or that's where I usually find it. So, I started dialing back the light (that definitely helped) and that combined with manual removal and trimming the tall plants that can be trimmed has kept the vast majority of it at bay. However I'm sure there are others here who can contribute more methods of potential erradication. 

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I meant to upload a screen shot of my Light period.
starts at 9 am and is complete darkness at 6 pm
65 Gal tank dimensions are 24x18x36
24 inches deep.
FX4 filter with a slightly reduced flow. Just enough for a bit of surface agitation.
Co2 injection (DIY) 3-5 bubbles per second.

Should i reduce my lights and see what happens? At the same time i really want my microsword to carpet well. I don't dose Easy green every day more like 2 times a week at about 4 pumps each time i dose. I do dose Easy carbon every day 4 pumps aswell.

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