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Confused by betta behavior

Karen B.

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My new betta has been in his 10 gallons for 10 days.

When I received him, I fed him for two days. He was eating but seemed not very coordinated to grab his food. Took him forever. 

Then I started the trio med. I fed him with thongs on the 5th days but accidentally a bit too much I think. Didn’t feed him anymore

Now it’s the 8th day. I just arrived home and tried to feed him.  He didn’t get anything in his mouth but I saw him flare, open his gill really wide (looks like he was yawning) but then he would keep him mouth open/gag, as if he was choking, trying to spit something out. Then he would once again try to get the food very uncoordinated and then keep his mouth open.  He choked/gagged a couple more times, but nothing came out. Could he be constipated? Could I have injured him when trying to feed him with the thong?

Now he looks at the pellets (Hikari betta bio gold and Omega one betta pellets) and won’t ever try to eat them.  He just stares at them. He did try to eat the fluval betta bug bites - he would chew chew chew (pieces would even flow threw his gills) but spit it out. I squished a snail - he would attack it, chew chew and spit…

I tried the powdered food I give my other fish - same. Chew chew and spit. Sometimes he grabs the food and swim around with it…

He is still active. I am about to do a WC because I know It’s only supposed to be 7 days in med trio. 

I have seen him poop only once. I am not sure what is wrong and what to do? Is he choking? Is it normal behavior? 
why won’t he eat now?




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Hopefully others have more optimistic opinions. I JUST had a baby Betta die with similar behavior. I had her for 5 days. I gave her a variety of very small foods. The only food I witnessed her eating was a very small thawed frozen bloodworm. I also previously had a giant female galaxy koi betta who wouldn't eat. No other signs of illness. They both failed to thrive and I lost them with similar behavior you are talking about. Maybe they are actually sick but I personally have no idea with what and what med I would start with. 

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