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Dean enabling Cory’s MTS


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This has me rotfl! 
first Cory sees Dean’s Sterbai and wants them all
 Next he see Dean’s Discus and realizes they would be perfect with the Sterbai.   but he “doesn’t have a tank for them”38D6D4D7-564E-461A-86B3-80EB798BE649.jpeg.d8a39aee7f2f1434d550debff6cbba0f.jpeg

Dean calls the bluff!2DC17EB4-FACA-41AB-8E63-7EB784FF12DC.jpeg.68a4cc064d74ba42be1343c9d58bdd63.jpeg

And moves in with some serious mts enabling! 3B05A609-7AF0-43A9-9A06-06B819584CF0.jpeg.8c7da6546e64b1686a79ef2a9613a5af.jpeg



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