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I have a tank full of mystery plants!

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Can anyone help me ID the plants in my tank? I'm terribly bad at buying and trading plants without much attention to their names. Now that I'm thinking of seriously aquascaping this tank, I feel that it would really benefit me to know this stuff! I will put pictures of what I have here! 












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1. A vallisneria runner? Not sure which exact type, I would guess jungle val though

2. cypt wendtii 

3. I cannot tell, the picture looks a little blurry in that area 

4. Water wisteria 

5. crypt wendtii bronze 

6. Jungle Vallisneria 

7. crypt wendtii bronze 

8. Anacharis 

9. Some type of ludwigia, repens perhaps? 

10. Type of anubias, likely coffeefolia 

11. Small amazon sword

12. crypt wendtii 

13. Not sure if you are circling the ludwigia or pennywort in this one

14. Hornwort 

15. Some sort of Cryptocoryne, I want to say wendtii again but the one really tall leaf is throwing me off haha

16. Ludwigia repens 

Have fun with creating your new aquascape, you have a good variety to work with! 

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No problem! Just a suggestion but the crypts can be used in the foreground as they are shorter plants (especially since your aquarium looks to be on the taller side). The anubias can be used somewhere in the front to the middle of the aquarium. The vallisneria grows very tall and should be placed in the back of the tank. The amazon sword grows tall and wide and should be placed in the middle to back of the tank. All of the rest of the plants are stem plants (including the pennywort but the pennywort can also be grown horizontally) and will grow as tall as you let them so they can be placed anywhere. However, it is most common to place them in the middle to back of the tank. 

The reason for these recommendations based on the plant height is so the plants do not obstruct your view of the aquarium and to help with depth perception. Good luck and enjoy your research! 

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