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New Tank, Particle Dust?


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I started a 20 gallon aquarium.  It's lightly planted. 

The tank seemed to have cycled OK I guess, it's got some light brown algae growing, but I think that was because of overfeeding and too much light, I reduced the hours on the timer and reduced feeding, hoping that will solve that problem.

While the water is clear, it seems there is fine dust in the water.  I can see them being sucked up by the Aqua Clear which I have filter floss with.  Doesn't seem to get rid of it.  It looks like really fine dust, it's not O2.  I am using a Co-Op sponge filter medium sized as well.

Substrate is the eco-planted I got from Petsmart.  It's been a while so I don't think it's from that.

I don't know what this fine dust is.

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On 10/10/2021 at 12:45 AM, Patrick_G said:

What kind of substrate do you use? 

It's eco-planted, from Petsmart.  Planted substrate is very limited around me.

Since tank is new, I do 25-40% water changes twice a week.   Still having dust problem.  But the tank does look clear from a distance.

Filtering is Co-Op sponge + AquaClear with floss, (Amazon Aquaneat), and additional bio from Topfin ceramic rings.

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I think it might be the Eco-Complete substrate, as the bag says no need to rinse and like an idiot I didn't rinse.  I should have.

The only solution I think is to just do 80% water changes.  May have to just accept that I'll have these particles for a month or two, for a while.

Lesson learned, rinse substrate even if it says no rinse needed.

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My water is crystal clear.  Huge smile on my face when I see it.

So I did two water changes where I did minor gravel cleaning with the python water changer.  Since then I just do regular 50% once a week.

Now I'm just battling brown algae.  I added two oto and some shrimp, I think got that problem solved.

Now I just need to add more plants.  I think it's looking pretty good.  I'm keeping it simple with Platy and Cory.  Everyone seems to be doing well enough, no one is sulking.

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Now the problem I have is that the shrimp and Oto are cleaning up well.

So the Otos and shrimp will have to live on the few algae left for a few days until Repachy Super Green arrived on Thursday. 

My plan is to smear that on a thin flat rock or glass and use a clip on hanger.  Hoping the Oto and shrimp go to it right away.

Will have to do it at night I thinks since my Platy are horrible pigs.  I think they would eat themselves to death.  There is nothing they won't gorge themselves on.  WTF are these fish?  No review or highlight ever says, Platy are voracious pigs who won't stop eating everything until they die.

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