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Sump bio-media Air Question?


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So as the Bio-media in the sump is there to grow beneficial bacteria , and the BB is Aerobic bacteria, the question goes as follows.

I have a seamless sump system with 5 baskets that hold physical media in the top basket to catch large particles. Basket 2 - 5 are all Bio-Media.  

Then I have large piece, almost a full sheet, of physical media in the small overflow area catching anything thing that might bypass the baskets as there is a bit of overflow.

Should I run an air stone under the baskets to aerate the media?  I can.  I have an extra pump.  

Do those of you with sumps do you run air stones in them?  If so how?  What's your logic for having them in there?

Another note is I have two large Aquarium Co-Op Sponge filters in the tank, one in each back corner.  I did this for the agitation of the surface as my discus don't like wave makers.  Also, they are back up for power outages.  Plus they pull crap in as the corners seems to be a bit of a dead area for water flow.

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On 10/9/2021 at 8:51 AM, ThomasLC said:

Should I run an air stone under the baskets to aerate the media?

Under most circumstances, it shouldn't be necessary.  In general, if the water has enough O2 for your fish, it has enough for the BB to function as well.  That said, if you are running high stocking, especially with warmer water species where O2 becomes less soluble, adding extra aeration could be valuable.  But again I'm thinking about the fish.  I've never run a Seamless Sump before (all of mine are DIY), but from what it looks like, they can have multiple thin film overflows.  That aerates water very efficiently.  I'm sure the makers have considered that fact.  😜  Always glad to see more folks with sumps.  😁 

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