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If you could breed only one fish forevermore...

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On 10/11/2021 at 5:27 AM, KentFishFanUK said:

Disclaimer: haven't actually even kept these yet let alone bred them but if I have to pick one I think I would go with Medaka rice fish - lots of gorgeous colour varieties, can be kept outdoors all year long in my climate, apparently easy to breed and hardy, very popular in some countries but not all that common here in the UK yet (compared with goldfish and koi anyway) but I think they could really take off as a smaller alternative to goldfish for small outdoor ponds as well as indoor aquariums. Also I've seen people selling their eggs online, not sure how they ship but maybe a good alternative to shipping live fish? 

Excellent idea - shipping eggs. Look into how successful Rainbowfish eggs ship internationally, or Killifish eggs. That should be a good benchmark.

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