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Easy Carbon Tips and Tricks

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I looked but did not see a specific topic listing everyone’s tips and tricks for using easy carbon. I see questions with answers all the time so thought I would make this thread for easy reference and a place for everyone to post different methods of use. Moderators if there is one please merge or whatever mystical magical moderator thing needs done please. 😁

I have not seen any posts using the method I use so wanted to share since today I was using it. I have moneywort in a tank that where it is 72A254E6-6E43-47E4-9642-CD0E82A471D0.jpeg.afe1a19956b3341d6d8d1b7515998aca.jpeg20A263E8-EC0B-46F1-BED8-BB68C87C20EE.jpeg.63ebcd08023c674618453b3bb4ec9b0c.jpegplaced gets sun from 2pm until sundown in a high waste pleco grow out so this means ALGAE 😲. I have tons of anacharis elodea in this tank which is extremely carbon sensitive as well as my hang up of not adding things in the water column . I remove the plants and using a fine mist sprayer evenly coat the plant. Wait a minute or so and place in a bucket with tank water. Let sit for 10-15 minutes rinse with fresh tank water and return to the tank. I usually only need to do it once this way in most tanks occasionally a second application is needed if I have been lazy and let it go to long. 
I would love to hear others tips and tricks for easy carbon

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I used easy carbon to help with black beard algae, mostly adding 1 squirt per 10G daily. Had a 60G so obviously x6, but I also had a couple places that needed spot treatment. For that I would shut down any filters, circulators, air stones, anything that created water movement. Then I would draw a 3 pump amount in a pipet (I think each pump is 1 fluid oz but you’ll need to check that) and slowly apply it directly to area I wanted spot treated. Let water stay still 10-15 minutes, turn everything back on and then give the other 3 pumps. It took a couple of weeks of that but it finally started dying back and I let some SAE help me finish the job.

BBA is the absolute worst!!!

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