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Floating plants turning brown and melting

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Floating plants. I had a truck load of salvinia and then it all went ugly brown and most of it disappeared.

Then I noticed that the floating plants in the aquarium with the least current seem to thrive the best. Is it the case? I don’t want to stop the flow entirely in my aquariums but say I build a little barrier to trap my floating plants in one side, with little to no current, would that be ok?

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That has been my experience--plus the fact that a couple of my tanks just absolutely refuse to grow any floating plants no matter what I do to flow.  That said, I've had the best luck growing things in my largest tank, which has good flow, but it also has a lot of tall val.  It seems like the floating plants' roots sort of get stuck on the val and then they very happily multiply on the half of the tank that's away from the HOB filter.  I tend to struggle with them in my other tanks--even in the two that only have sponges.  Same water.  No idea why they're finicky.  I can't even grow duckweed in those tanks!

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