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Homemade Python System...stagnant water?


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So I have constructed this water change system because I dont wanna fork out the money for a python, and because i like to DIY.

its bassically a hose with a coat hanger zip tied and tapped to one end and bent into a hook and the other end has a connection for my tap.

This hose both drains and then fills the tanks.

I added the little inline valve (as seen in the pics) so i coiuld shut of the syphon, move tanks and start it again super easy. the valve also serves when filling as i can get the water line where i like with out running out to shut off the tap.


My potential issue is that when i store the hose (coiled and hanging) i keep the valve closed and this keeps alot of the water trapped in. therfore when i change water the next time, as soon as i open the valve the syphon starts automatically.

I am curious to peoples opinions on :

1) By leaving the waterin the hose between water changes am I risking a bacteria build up in the hose that i could be introducing to my tanks?

2)Should I just suck it up (pun very much intended) and manually start the syphon each time.

3) What do you think of my homeamde Python?






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I would just drain the hose and restart the siphon each time. I use a python system, although I just drain into a floor drain and not use the drain part of the python, and when I am done, I drain the water out, and coil the hose up. I know if there's a time I don't get all the water out of the hose, it will collect in the bottoms of the coils and turn a dark color, so then I run some straight hot water through. 

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