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Small victory with Gaara Rufa


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Hi folks! First post here. Just wanted to share a small victory I had with my Gaara Rufa. I had bought one a few weeks ago at the suggestion of my local fish shop as a cleaner fish in my goldfish tank. Well, at first I thought it was super active, but then from research I realized he was stressed and glass surfing. I found out that they need to be in groups so I bought two more. Since then, I haven't seen him surfing and even chilling out with the other Gaaras a little bit. Lots of great grazing behaviors. 

Thank you to everyone who posts good info on this forum. I'm so glad I found it. Unfortunately, sometimes you only get half-information from the pet store. Cory once said that every tank is an experiment, but I would add that with good info like you can find here, it doesn't have to be at the expense of your creatures. 

Any other Gaara Rufa lovers out there? I'd love to hear your adventures with these little guys. 

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They are the cutest I had a lovely pair that hung out together all the time in with my goldfish they seemed really bonded.  After them I got two panda gaara's equally as cute but didn't get on quite as well. 

Gaara Rufa are sometimes hard to get due to bans on the use of them in the pedicure industry and often overlooked.  I think they have a goby look to them when they sit up on their fins.  

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