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Plant grow light for aquarium?


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One of my other hobbies is being gardener. I have a decent size vegetable garden and start many of my own vegetables from seed indoors. Because of that, I already have a couple of metal shelving units rigged up with grow lights on timers so it got me wondering...what would happen if I got another tank(I know right?!) and set it up under one of the plant grow lights??

They are 36inch Sunblaster LED Strip Lights, 72 LEDs, 36W, 6400k full spectrum. Specs are not too far off from a Fluval light so in my mind there shouldn't be a problem but wanted to ask the hive mind what they thought.

Thanks to the video @Cory did about a 20gal guppy/shrimp/java moss tank to make money, I have this crazy idea to start a livebearer breeding tank even though I just recently caught the aquarium hobbyist bug, pretty sure my boyfriend will think I am nuts😬😂


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I do hydroponics and seed starting. I use my grow lights on all new tanks to rapidly grow algae. I also use them when I need a quick temporary tank. I find if they are too close they are way too intense for aquatic plants. They grow great but then “burn” on the edges. Here is a quick hatch/grow out tank ive had up maybe 3 weeks with a 25 w full spectrum led with 18 red blue white lights in a honeycomb style. I used my bearded dragon light stand to hang it over the tank. I just put the bar light on the day before this picture 

here is the original setupD1BB2675-C0FD-45BD-8E7D-85EB8DB0809A.jpeg.360fa0d4a008cd52ad2801885867f926.jpeg

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