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Aquarium Lily Placement

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I’ve got this bulb just sitting on top of the gravel and my snails keep pushing it to get under it. Picture 1 is how I found it, with the Lily’s kind of sneaking up from the bottom. Should those Lily’s be on top like in picture 2. I don’t see any roots in picture 3 and picture 4 is a better angle. Idk which side to place it on and can I push it into the gravel a bit to keep my snails from moving it?





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What you see coming out of the bulb is the lilies, not the roots.  These should be facing up towards the top of your tank.  As for placement of the bulb that's up to you.  Personally, I pretty much buried mine just beneath the substrate so that only the tip was just barely visible.  Here's a recent photo of my Tiger Lily from when I was doing some tank maintenance.  Mine took some time to establish but once it got going it's went crazy.  Good luck!


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