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Stocking For Cool Water Tank


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I'd like to set up a community tank with fish that would do fine at about 68° (evening temp) to 70-72° (daytime) long-term. Would the species below work in a heavily planted 20g long? 29g?

I'm pretty set on this stocking list unless there are compatibility issues with any of the fish. I can go bigger if this seems like it would overstock a 20g long. I'd also bump up temps if needed. 

6 red neon blue rainbowfish

6 clown killifish

1 male scarlet badis,

cherry shrimp 

2 nerite snails



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On 10/3/2021 at 10:10 AM, lefty o said:

if you havent purchased a tank, do yourself a favor and go for the 29.more gallons equals easier care of the tank, and more stability in it.

I might just hold off and do a 33 long. Any thoughts on fish compatibility? 

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On 10/3/2021 at 5:23 PM, GND said:

Another cold water question:  if temps get down to 68 would neon tetras be okay? Thanks for any advice!

I am not saying this is advisable but I do keep a single neon in an unheated tank and the fish does fine/thrives. Why do I only have one? Because they're way too finicky for me and I had a die off and this was the lone survivor, 8+ months later s/he is still thriving by themselves. The fish is really just a beast.

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