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Fish Fasting

Stacy Z

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Now that my aquariums are fully cycled and actually thriving at 2 months…now there are tiny microorganisms they can feed on as well as me feeding them live brine shrimp, bloodworms, I have placed live blackworm everywhere within the soil and feed them to my ADF. They pop up alot in the morning or if I add pellets. My Cherry Barbs have learnt they can push the soil to get them out. My puffers has plenty of snails I etc. 

Anyways I was wondering what everyone thoughts were on Fish Fasting once day a week? Do you do it? 

Also I’ve had my Pea Puffers for 3 weeks now and got them extra small. They are now not as scared as I come up to the glass. Got them to eat the live worms the other day. I have 6 in a 20 gallon. 4 are brighter than 2 other but don’t see the belly markings to tell sex yet. They are young because they all still school with each completely. I’ve seen a few pushing and shoving but nothing excessive yet. They have plenty of places to hid, I often lose them because their so little and blend into every. 

Also update on the African Drawf Frog. The Maracyn turnt the red pimple on his nose white and fuzzy. He is at the top of the hospital tank because of that but it helping me to do methayline blue on it. Today is day 5 of treatment. He’s not eating but I’m doing the Pedialyte soaks that other AFD owners suggested. I really hope the poor guy makes it. They really do just throw themselves down after grasping for air and their Clumsy.  


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