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White spots on betta

Karen B.

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I got my betta 3 days ago.

He hadn’t eaten in a while at his seller so I left him alone and fed him for 2 days.

Tonight I noticed a few white spots he didn’t have yesterday. He doesn’t have the marble gene, but is a red fancy according to his seller (is that the same thing as hellboy?)

Am I dealing with a disease? I started the aquarium coop trio med tonight. 





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Is it the two white spots on the head in the first two and the one on the back? I would tend to treat new fish in my Quarantine tank first anyway so I think that is ok. O would continue with the second dose. I think that is is and imperfection in the coloration of the fish. May I ask what type of seller you got it from eBay, box store, LFS(local fish store) 

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