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How much change in Ph is too much when relocating a healthy fish?


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So.... Fiesty Betta decided to not play well with others and got himself a new nano tank! Problem is, his original tank was set up for neocardina shrimp at 7.6 ph, moderate GH and KH. His new home is cycled at our regular Ph of 7.2. 

Can a healthy Betta handle a .4 Ph shift without experiencing Ph shock? The tank is planted and has a lot of wood hardscape, so I added some crushed coral into the substrate for buffering and to keep the tank ultimately around neutral. I could boost Ph/Kh with baking soda for a temporary increase and slowly shift him down if the .4 is too much at once. 

Been out of the hobby for many years, but got back into this year, thanks in part to Corey's channel on YT. After years of big tanks and african cichlids, enjoying working small a lot! Thanks in advance for any advice - he really has become a member of the family in a very short time 🙂


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