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Nitrate spike with Easy Green


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I have a 10 gallon tank with fish, and have been trying to be more careful about my water parameters. I'm using EasyStrips but I do have a test kit.

Whenever I use Easy Green (1 pump per water change), the Nitrates increase and stay increased days later. Shouldn't the plants be absorbing it? I noticed there is nitrogen in the ingredients list, and tried not using it, but the plants suffer.

My tank was previously cycled and no fish have died for the few months I've had them. Without adding EasyGreen there are little nitrates or nitrites detected.

The nitrates are in the "low" zone when I check them but I still worry it will effect my fish.


Here is the tank and the water test (a few days after a water change with easy green)20210929_153054.jpg.1c46c9e35c6eecaa750713c89778a041.jpg


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Plants require nitrogen, and Easy Green has water soluble nitrogen as part of its active ingredients (2.66%). Yes, you may see slightly higher nitrate levels when testing after dosing.

Looking at your test strip, you are well below any concern as far as nitrates. For me, I don't even begin to think about a water change until my levels are around 40ppm, and even then, I see no ill effects on my fish. As you can see on the chart, you are well within the "safe" zone. In fact, your plants may even benefit from an extra squirt if you see the nitrate levels drop lower than what you are showing.

I hope this puts you at ease. Nitrate levels look just fine!

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Separate the two. Think of nitrates, from fertilizer, as a different parameter. After your water change, test nitrates, that would be the water change indicator. If you did a water change, then tested 80ppm Nitrates you would want to change more water. If you test 10ppm after a water change, no problem. Regardless, you need to be dosing fertilizer. Dose after your water change and after you test.

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