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Cardinal tetra


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Are you talking about the white spot on his head?

If so, It looks like he hit his head on something or scratched it. It will probably be fine, as I have zebra danios who rarely watch where they are going, and they are fine. 

I don’t see the protruding thing though. Can you get a better pic? With fish like that, it might be easier to take a video, and then pause it at a good spot and take a screenshot.

If the cardinal tetra in question is still eating, still active, still schooling with the others, and doesn’t have faded colors, then I wouldn’t worry about it.

One more question. How long have you had him? Did  you quarantine him when he was new? If so, how long was that period? How many tetras are there, what other fish are in the tank with them, and how big is your tank? Also, water parameters would be good to see as well.

Not really one question, but I do need these answers. 


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Thanks for the replies.  The tank has been up since early July so the fish have been in there for a few months.

Fish is swimming and eating but the color and the shape is off and the head and fill area are enlarged.

Water quality is good. Less than 5ppm Nitrate or ammonia or nitrite ph 6.9









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On 9/28/2021 at 8:32 PM, Colu said:

I would Qarantine and treat with ick x to cover against any possible fungal infection with the head changing shape it could also be bacterial infection so I would also treat with kanaplex in food to cover all bases


Ich works for fungal infections too?

I got a 10 gallon after the last ordeal and it’s ready to go.  Wondering if I should feed the kanaplex and a precaution for main tank.






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