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New Fluval 3.0 Light HELP


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what settings should I have? I have had a bad bloom of green fuzz algae as well….I’ve watched Pascoe’s videos on YouTube, but hoping someone can help my personalize my tank to it specifically. 

I use CO2 injection, and easy green ferts once a week. The Rotala and Cryptocoryne are still converting from emmersed to immersed….root tabs also in the substrate, but not seeing much growth in a few weeks….


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Heres what my light settings look like. The aquarium is a 10 gallon (so about the same depth as a 20 long)


We also have a thread you should check out. Its a thread full of other forum members light settings, perhaps you can copy someone of a simillar setup.

 I will say that your light looks to be too high for your size of tank, which is most likely why your dealing with this algae. My settings are what bentley pascoe reccemend in his video, but just tuned down a bunch for a 10 gallon.

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