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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has used nitrofurazone with an organic solvent like DMSO? 

I have always used the latter to dissolve it (and other medications that are poorly soluble in water) prior to introducing it to the larger body of water but I was wondering if it's necessary or if others find it an asset or not?

In particular, there was a suggestion that it may increase the efficacy of solvation such that the dosage may change from the default in water to needing less as it's near 100% solubility with DMSO.

That would suggest that "poor solubility" of some medications (nitrofurazone in this case) is factored into the dosing recommendations.

Does anyone know if this is true or not?

Not that using less is the goal but if it does indeed increase the efficacy, I am concerned the dosage may then be different with a greater percentage of dissolved medication?

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So sorry.  I have a bad habit of abbreviating!

DMSO or Dimethyl Sulfoxide is an organic solvent I have used for years to dissolve medications with poor water solvency.

Oxybispropanol is similar and used in the popular product PraziPro. Unlike using alcohol (Vodka) or even Oxybispropanol-based products, DMSO exhibits very low toxicity such that it is suitable for very delicate species.

It's often the only choice for reefers as even Oxybispropanol can kill tubeworms and feather dusters and similarly delicate species whereas DMSO is safe even for these and for shrimp.

The video below is about 5X longer than it needs to be to demonstrate that it will totally dissolve nitrofurazone or even praziquantel into a clear, water soluble liquid.

To quantify it in some measure, praziquantel will dissolve at a rate of 0.4mg/ml of water. Praziquantel in DMSO dissolves at a rate of 20mg/ml or some 50X the efficacy!

Therein lies my question.

With the solvency increased some 50X (there is no visible residue of the praziquantel nor the nitrofurazone once dissolved in DMSO, it's near 100% solvency) I am concerned that the dosage recommended by the manufacturers is likely based upon "water solubility" (0.4mg/ml) such that; might there be an efficacy increase with improved solubility of DMSO (20mg/ml) so would the actual dosage now be different?


Thanks again.

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