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Starting a high school fish club? What are you crazy?


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Crazy right?

I know I am putting myself out there with the smartphone punching tiktok consuming generation but I have toyed with idea of starting a high school fish club.  This is totally weird right? I am not even a Science teacher.  (I teach History) This is what I know. I have a passion for sharing and creating opportunities kids.  Our school has TONS of clubs and this would not be shocking but it might be "out" there.  I am not even sure what this club would do other than talk fish and all this aquatic.  I have some ideas on things to do but I wanted to ask the experts, ya YOU! 

If this club was actually happening and you were in high school, what would you want to do?  The sky is the limit, no idea is too small, none is too large.  Share with me your thoughts.  I would love to hear what you have to say.

Many thanks,

Ted K.

Information to consider - School location is north of Boston near the coast.  There are some local fish groups.  Also we are close to many colleges and universities.

Power to the shrimp!


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I think it is a terrific idea! You could take them the New England Aquarium, collect stuff from a tide pool for a marine project, forage in the local streams, and of course setup tanks together. I would worry a bit about pranks related to the tanks.

Here is a project that one of our middle school science teachers has going:











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