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Raised red sore on Red Severum overnight


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Help, not sure what happened to her last night. I see a white bump on her too fin also.

125g cycled tank, 25% water changes weekly, temp 78-79, ph stable at 6.8, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite 20-40 Nitrate fx6 and sponge filter, wave maker

tankmates: red blood parrot, shovelnose, zebra knifefish, flagtail, 3 flagtaim catfish, 3 coryadors, 6 rainbows, guppies, 6” pleco SAE and golden CAE

hopefully this covers everything. No other tank mates  showing any signs of disease.

just stabbed herself in a piece of wood, i hope?

Eating and swimming great.




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