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hillstream loaches are dying


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hi everyone, I bought 6 Hillstream Loaches on Friday from a very reputable aquarium shop in my area. I drip acclimated them over a period of 2.5 hours and placed them into a 20G long for quarantine. in this tank there already are about 100 cherry shrimp. plants, algae, good substrate. PH is about 7.3 and temp is 72F. fully cycled 6 months ago. sat morning one is dead. fine, tends to happen. this morning (Sunday morning) another is dead with read areas on its belly, now I see another with red lesions so i feel its just a matter of time before i lose my third loach. What am i doing wrong? they all seem to be low energy and not interested in any food i provide such as flakes, algae wafers, frozen brine and blood worms. 

if it was a food issue, it wouldn't take a day or two to die, and i acclimated them really slowly. they survived fine in local water from the fish shop. is this common or am i missing something?

loach 2 (1).jpg

loach 2 (2).jpg

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