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What's wrong with this chili rasbora? Already treated with a full course of API Erythromycin and then a full course of Maracyn Two (Minocycline). It's been this way since 9/14, getting paler/whiter.


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Tank temp: 78/79

pH: 6.7

Nitrate: 10

Nitrite: 0

Ammonia: 0

Water changes 25/30% once a week. 13 gallon (24 inches long) with AquaClear 50 filter. I use a mix of Prime and Stress Coat as water conditioner for changes.

The fish eats fine, swims fine (she is capable of swimming fine - she does spend a fair amount of time hiding away from the school, hovering) but is just bizarrely discolored and getting progressively worse.





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On 9/26/2021 at 9:49 AM, Mmiller2001 said:

I would feed him some seach Metroplex, or you could dose the tank with Paracleanse/ General Cure.

Thank you! I have already been feeding Everything Aquatic Generic Trio flake, which is medicated with metronidazole, nitrofurazone, and kanamycin sulfate - does that make you lean one way or the other?

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I've really only tried antibiotics so far though so it could be something else, right? Do you think General Cure is worth a shot? Fungus Cure? (I don't think it's fungus though, it's not protruding from his scales or anything...simply discoloration. Even the tips of his fins which are meant to be red are more pinkish orange now).

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