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Disinfecting equipment

Karen B.

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Back in june/july, I dealt with some disease with some of my neon tetra. No one could ever find what it was but it didn’t seem contagious.

Nonetheless, every equipment that came in contact with them I would discard in my « contaminated » bin. Now it’s been minimally over 4 weeks that everything in the bin is completely dry. As I hate using bleach, I was wondering if white vinegar and hot water would be sufficient to dissinfect everything since it’s been dried for more then 4 weeks? I would imagine any bactery/virus or whatever would not survive without a host AND water for that long?

Thank you!

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Hydrogen peroxide and hot water is what I use to disinfect  in case anything had spores and what not.  I’m not sure what all might but things like daphnia and hydra survive drying so I’m totally just guessing bacteria and such might. I really don’t know so I play it safe. However anything suspect I don’t chance and discard. 

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