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Corydoras paleatus and rabauti


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Got 2 new groups of corydoras in 3 days ago. Paleatus and rabauti. 7 of both, each group in its own 20 long. The rabauti came out active, rowdy and hungry basically straight out of the box, paleatus less active and seems to be minimally interested in food.

both tanks have play sand, cycled sponge filter and a small square of moss. Is it normal for them to not be voracious eaters shortly after coming home? Water perimeters check out good. Should I not push food too hard? They seem to barely touch  Xtreme bottom scratchers, ate some vibra bites and slowly ate frozen blood worms.



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I agree with @colu. Also based on your statement of "out of the box", I am assuming they were shipped to you. Do you know if they were wild caught or tank raised? Wild caught might be a little more picky on the eating. You might check with you LFS and see if they have live black or blood worms. You may need to feed live and slowly transition to frozen and then dry foods. 

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