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My Guppies Balcony Pond

Ayman Roshdy

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The guppies pond is an idea that I had for months and I finally constructed it, the guppies in the pond are assorted fancy guppies and they seem very happy with their new home, I am also expecting new fries soon in this new guppies habitat

I am using several top terrestrial plants that can have their roots directly in the water, while using several water plants t the water bottom as well but I believe most of the nitrate will be consumed by the terrestrial plants, in general it is healthy to use many plants in your pond or aquarium which works as a natural filter to reduce or even completely get rid of nitrate and any harmful chemicals which are used by the plants as natural fertilizers


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@Ayman Roshdy small ponds like this can be very enjoyable. I am happy to see that you have set one up.

I would like to kindly remind you that the guidelines of this forum do not allow for members to promote their own social media sites/pages. May I ask that you edit this post and maybe include some photos of your pond rather than the YouTube link?

Thank you,


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It is called 'Spider Plant' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chlorophytum_comosum

On the top I have suspended a plastic mesh into the plastic walls of this huge plant pot and then on top of the mesh I added the terrestrial plants (Spider plant, Syngonium plant and Lucky bamboo) and added the rocks, there is a water pump as well suspended just below the rocks to bring water up in a waterfall effect but it doesn't appear in the photos

It worth mentioning that these 3 terrestrial plants can live directly in water (not all terrestrial plants can do this) and of course they feed on the fish waste and other nutrients in the water, actually the Syngonium plant is creating more and more leaves every day and the Lucky Bamboo is doing great, but the Spider plant still didn't create new leaves

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