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Dropped neo shrimp eggs


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Today while watching my shrimp tank (fairly new tank have only had 2 females get berried) I saw a fresh molt and all the males swimming around so I sat and watched for a while and saw one of my females moving her eggs from her saddle to her underbelly. When I checked back in 10 minutes later I saw she had dropped most of her eggs still carry 5 or so but I saw the eggs she dropped. So I grabbed a pipette and was able to gently suck up the eggs. After I grabbed the eggs I grabbed my specimen container and filled it with tank water and threw in an air stone in it. It’s currently sitting next to the tank. My main tank doesn’t have a heater so I’m guessing I don’t need to heat the container.  I only have a 5 gallon tank so I’m not sure if an egg tumbler will fit. Do you guys thing this set up has a chance of success if I change the water out daily?  Any advice on how to give these guys a fighting chance.20127E8A-6D74-44D3-8EDF-F204F7A54CDC.jpeg.479c539544956dbfcaa3519ac09229cf.jpeg

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