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Goldfish starting to loose scales / turn white

Adam M

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My child brought a goldfish home from school in a 2 litter "terrarium" they made at the end of last school year, it was tiny now it's clost to 5 inches and has started getting white spots on it.  possibly loosing scales,  currently it's in a 20 gallon high (i know its too small but we are moving in jan and i have a 125 there he is going to move to) with 6 bloodfin tetras (still way to big for him to eat) and a small bn pleco a couple of nerite snails.  it's a medium planted tank currently 6 anubias, 1 java fern, 1 something the LFS called a red ruben, 6 sprouts of valsnaria (spelling), and a few stems of scarlett temple and a new maybe 4x4 piece of java moss.  total hardness 65 20-25 nitrates, 0 ammonia 0 nitrite, 73 deg.  kh 70ish, ph 7.4  using aqueon plant food 1 dose per week as instructed co2 at 1.1 bps   also i think he had the white  spots before i got the tetras they were placed in tank on the 11th of this month.  fish eats great ( anything that will fit) never stops swimming or pooping for that matter seems and acts fine  


sorry brower glitched didnt' meant to double post

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