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Because Pooka has to stay in the 40 for the foreseeable future (Beware of Attack Fish, indeed!), I decided to rescape it to give her more room. I made a bigger cave positioned further back, right in front of the filter, to give more swimming space. I was inspired to do an "African Biotope" sort of look, with the rock work, wood, anubias and bolbitis, just using things I had already available to me; I took cuttings of the bolbitis and anubias from various tanks, and the rocks and wood were just down in the basement. Obviously it's not a true biotope with the platies and molly, but it seems more fitting for Pooka. Also I've been experimenting on keeping the back of the tank shadowed, which makes it look more mysterious when she swims out into the light.

I moved the amazon swords out since I wanted to clear out room. For a moment, the tank looked pretty close to a natural river. 😉



Here's the rescape




It's still pretty mulmy in there. Lots of stuff still kicked up into the water column even after two water changes. I can't wait to see how it looks with the bolbitis and anubias grown out.



Pooka's pretty mad at me. But now that everything's done I can leave her be.

Here's the 75 with the big sword and little sword.



When I moved Pooka I had to dismantle the cave. I remade it a bit smaller so Igor will stop guarding it. She has her vase, darn it.


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Actually turned off all the lights and got a better pic of Pooka's new scape. I moved the heater to the back to hide it. Hoping the bolbitis will grow to hide the filter better. Pooka wasn't as mad at me today until I stuck my hand in there to move the heater, and so now she's hiding in her cave and won't come out for pictures (well, any more than to just give me the stink eye).



And I blabbed about this little guy in another thread, but I have a wee lil bebe electric blue acara. Gotta grow him out to be bigger than snack sized. He's in quarantine and the foggy plastic is kind of a pain to take pics through. I was going to put him in the 40 if Pooka ACTUALLY behaved herself in the 75, but alas.



I just need to embrace the fact that my 75 is more like a bottle cap collection and doesn't have any sort of theme. "These are some fish I really like and the plants I can grow, behold!"

Edit: Well... all of my tanks are that way come to think of it.

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48 minutes ago, Patrick_G said:

Your new scape is really nice. I love the triangle style design. The Bolbitis makes a cool mystery corner on the left. The light colored Anubias give some pops of brightness What variety are they? 

The really bright one is anubias golden, the textured one is coffeefolia, the big one is barteri and I believe the rest are nana. 

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I think Pooka is comfy with the new tank layout.




Because she's adopted a new nose leaf. 


Unfortunately she had a little accident, though. As you can see in this older photo, when I first rescaped the tank I had kept the heater on the left side.



She started wanting to squish herself into that corner to lay in that little bunch of anubias. So I moved the heater to the back to give her more squish space (and to hide it since it was more noticeable now). I then noticed a diagonal mark on her, which I thought nothing of, since she sometimes gets scuffs and scrapes from rubbing on rocks and whatnot. A few days later it crusted over with a white scab, and it dawned on me that it was a burn from her smushing herself in that corner against the heater. 

It's not getting fungus and looks pretty clean, so I'm just letting it heal on it's own; I've been doing little water changes twice a week to keep the conditions pristine. These two pics are a few days apart, and I see some healing progress. 

This is April 28



And this is on May 1



Never a dull moment.

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This little guy is so much like a puppy dog already. He rushes over to the glass when he notices me, and doesn't seem afraid of  anything. My hubby named him (or her) Tesla, because he's an electric blue acara. I love when my hubby participates in the hobby so the name is sticking!










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During the whole Pooka drama, Dinky went through a growth spurt and it turns out, I jumped the gun on telling his sex. His big ol' boy fin grew in! I swear one day after Pooka went back into the 40, he emerged from under the bolbitis log and TAH DAH, boy fin. He's doing great and is as cute as ever.






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I took a series of pics to document Pooka healing from the heater burn she got. I figured having stuff like this might be useful to someone some day. Today she is completely healed, I don't see any marks left, 

April 28 when I first figured out it was a burn. Before it turned white, it looked like a typical scrape.



May 1



May 4



May 8 (algae on the glass)



And a pic of her cute little snoot.




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