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2 hours ago, Lifeisgood said:

The soap dish was a great idea!  Do you have to put food in front of your Bichers when feeding or will they both come out and find it before it’s all gone?  Do you put food basically in the same place every feeding?

I feed them tilapia with long planting tweezers to make sure they both get food. Sometimes I do just drop in sinking carnivore pellets, scattering them around the tank, but they're less likely to get them before Igor does. 

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It was a busy morning/early afternoon giving all 7 tanks their weekly maintenance. 

I found two clutches of mystery snail eggs in the 29! My first time ever! I know soon enough I'll be buried in baby snails, but for now it's very exciting.





The 29 was completely overgrown. Did a big trim on the hornwort and removed a few dwarf chain swords.





I decided to move some plants around in the 75. Took a clipping from my bolbitis and put it on the other side of the tank, and rearranged the anubias. The lily made a baby! It was growing in the back, so I moved it to be beside the main plant.





Still working on encouraging the jungle val to grow in. It's getting there, but isn't nearly as dense as I would like.

Wondering if I could get away with growing some stem plants in there, or if Dragon will just bulldoze them all up.

Igor was a very helpful supervisor during all these chores, of course.


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Blood parrots are actually grey/black colored when they're babies and then they slowly turn orange as they mature. Igor's dark spots are just his baby colors; they've been slowly shrinking. 

Blood parrots also get a weird visual sign of stress on them that looks like black smudges and freckles. They pop up when the fish is upset over something, and then slowly fade over time. When I first got him he developed some smudges on his lips and fins from the stress of being bought, coming home, and then being moved again out of quarantine. He eventually lost those.

Here he is all smudgy and freckled:



Here he is now:


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3 minutes ago, OceanTruth said:

Glad to see Dinky is doing well in the quarantine tub. How long are you planning on keeping him there?

Ehhhhhhhh I don't know. I'm probably being an over protective mom. Maybe when April rolls around I'll stick him back in the 75. He'd have to have grown a bit bigger by then. He'd probably be fine now but... I'm a worrier. 

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13 minutes ago, H.K.Luterman said:

Ehhhhhhhh I don't know. I'm probably being an over protective mom. Maybe when April rolls around I'll stick him back in the 75. He'd have to have grown a bit bigger by then. He'd probably be fine now but... I'm a worrier. 

That’s totally understandable. I was just curious. Hope he beefs up quickly. 🙂 

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Got some spy footage tonight, holding my camera over the back of my chair and zooming in on the 75, so the quality isn't great, but it's the best way to get some footage of the shananigans that goes on in there.

I added some large ramshorns into the 75 to maybe try to help with the algae going on in there, thinking they were too big for Igor. Turns out, nope, he'll just peck at them. At one point towards the end he does this behavior I've seen him do a few times where he tries to push plant leaves around out of his way. It's very interesting.


And then I caught this, which was pretty cute. Though at the end I guess Igor gets mad Gertrude was in the vase and he goes and pecks her. That white spot on her tail is a loose scale, no doubt from him being a butthead to her earlier. 


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On 3/20/2021 at 5:45 PM, H.K.Luterman said:

Igor's got his naughty pants on tonight. What'd that crypt ever do to him?

I moved Dinky back into the 75 this afternoon. 

The way Igor keeps looking up at you... Haha! Well, if my dog was doing this, I would call it attention-seeking behavior. In fact, he does. He starts gnawing on the living room armchair. Then he stops to see if I am paying attention. Dumb dog. 😒 It would be a lot cheaper if he chewed on a plant!

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I was just able to measure Dinky, since they were stretching out along the front glass, and they've hit 5 inches. That means I should be able to tell their sex. 



It's a girl!

So far, that's what it looks like at least. 

Here's a helpful drawing to show the difference.


Here's her bum from another angle



And her face because she's adorable




As a comparison, here's Dragon's big boy butt. Actually all of him. Plus his butt.



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