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I would think that in most cases this would be a bad idea. Not only are our needs different physiologically, but the dosing would most likely be extremely challenging to get correct (unless in a laboratory setting). In my opinion, if you feed your fish quality foods and offer a varied diet, it should not be needed. 

There are fish supplements that you can buy if you are concerned though. 

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As has been stated above it would not work without good measuring equipment and patience. Which is all unnecessary since not only are fish foods typically combined with vitamins already, but if your fish has a specific deficiency it should be targeted and prescribed by a vet.


Human multivitamins are designed to dissolve in aqueous environments and absorbed through the stomach and possibly saliva. Since our fish friends live in an aqueous environment it would just disperse in the display tank and not actually make it to the fishes gut where it can be absorbed. 

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