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Cherry Barbs

Stacy Z

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So I got in 3 new Cherry Barb. Typical story looked healthy at store, put them holding container of my QT tank and saw 1 was covered in White Spot. I put them in the QT tank and treated them ick right away with Ick X. I started Maracyn second week because they have fin rot. 1 has a hole in fin from where a cyct popped out. However it’s been 2 weeks now and my 2 females are still swimming still. They are eating. The male is doing well with them BUT I’m at a loss. 1 fish had the ick all over day 1. The other female got spots the next day. I’m guessing they are just struggling to get back to health from treatment. Oh also added Methline Blue with the Maracyn. I hope theses ladies make it! I keep having a problem with Cherry Barbs and Ick. I have done QT treatment for 5 other species no problem. Like Cory said but these Barbs get it bad. I want them so bad in my display tank but maybe this is not a fish for me. Is it my harder water? Here’s my levels.


7.2 PH

2 ppm Nitrite with meds.

5 ppm Nitrate 

Added Fritz bacteria to help.
I’m at 0 when I test my well water! 

Temp 79 for Faster Ick Cycle

KH 7

GH 10

I’m thinking maybe my GH is to high for barbs? That’s my well water. Anyone think that’s a possibility? 




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Your water parameters are fine for cherry barbs I see your nitrites are at 2 that can cause immounosuppression what I would do is keep treating with ick x as the daily water changes will help lower your nitries stop treating with Methylene blue that kills your nitrifying bacterial  

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Ah! That’s why my nitrite  went up. All 0 in before week 2 treatment. I assumed as much so I been adding fritz bacteria too.
I had read on Cory website that Meth Blue with Maracyn was good for secondary fungal issues when treating fin rot. Here’s his post below.

I have meth blue in Seachems Stress Guard which I used. 


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Updated. 1 male and 1 female now acting better on week 2 day 2 of the Maracyn still with Ick X. Only 1 Zombie fish left. I’m not putting them in the display tank until all 3 of them are healed. Been 3 days and no visible signs of Ick too. Just the fin rot now. Not seeing any new growth but it wasn’t that bad yet either. 1 had a hole from a cyst popping and the other had discoloration that was starting to fray. My Male of the 3 didn’t get signs of anything throughout QT. 

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