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Do nettles harm fish??

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Hi folks,

Quick question, I set up a 5 gallon for CPD fry and popped half a dozen cherry shrimp in to help with clean up.

As usual I dropped a bit of nettle in for the shrimp and low and behold I'm seeing new growth.

So just wondered what people's opinions are on whether the new leaves would sting the fry?

Any thoughts IMG_20210923_074600255_HDR.jpg.8cbbef3a1eee6744beeb46298da9ce07.jpg

Obviously my aquascaping game is on point so no need to praise me for that 😀


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On 9/23/2021 at 8:50 AM, Keeg said:

Never hear of keeping nettle as a floating plant, but I wouldn't touch the stuff to begin with. My best guess would the fuzz like needles could cause harm. Ive seen people boil them for shrimps but never live. Pretty cool plant to see alive in water. 

I usually let them sit for a few days before adding to the tank and the Shrimp love them. Guess I was a bit hasty adding them to the tank 

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