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Viral Septicemia?


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I apologize if this is redundant. I posted it in the wrong area previously.

I have a 120G with 8 Red and Gold Severums and 12 Electric Blue Acaras and a 1' pleco. I've had these fishes in this tank since they were juveniles some two years ago. These severums today range from 4"-8" now.

(PH8, 0, 0, 5ppm-20ppm - for about 2 years).

I've never had an incident with this tank. They always ate and bred like mad. Never shy and excited when approached.

Prior to the following, I have noticed all of their breeding behavior had just stopped. The severums and acaras in this tank bred like mad and I'm always giving away fry. So I gave it no mind. 

One day, one of the golds developed what appeared to be a septicemia sore on his side but it could have been an injury so I salted the tank at AQCOOP's Level 1 dosage. The following day he was covered in similar sores and died that same day.

A second red severum formed a similar spot on his side and I began Kanaflex/Furan-2 in the tank but he died the next day.

A third gold severum then developed it on his mouth and died the day after that.

A 4th red was dead that same morning with no visible signs nor any visible distress previously. I did see him darting about erratically which was weird as he had no blemishes. Then he died the next day.

In 4 days half of this 2+ years established tank was wiped out and there were no new additions or changes, not even décor.  Being severums, it has no live plants save some pothos for nitrate reduction growing out of the top. 

It's a highly filtered tank with an FX6 with 100% biomedia and a SunSun704b with carbon and Purigen and two UV filters. I've done 50% weekly WC's since it's inception. 

The last 4 severums are ironically the largest and prettiest of the group. They have no spots and eat and behave normally. 

I was wondering what you would try to prevent this from spreading to any others? 

Due to it's rapid fatality potential, might it be viral? 

At first I used a full tank treatment of kanamycin/nitrofurazone as some were not eating but half the severums died so quickly, the only ones left are eating so I switched to medicating their food with kanamycin. At present, since these fishes are eating well, I'm doing a Kanaflex/Focus in food treatment for the full course but I'd very much welcome any advice to prevent this from spreading to any more of them. 

(BTW for some odd reason it seems to not have affected any of the Acaras). 

I've never seen anything like this in that it's killing them so quickly and I can't fathom where it came from as this tank has been stable for at least 2 years and I made no additions to it, not even plants. They die so fast, there's not much to see or time to photograph anything. In two cases only hours between sores appearing and their deaths.

At present the remaining 4 severums all look good and eat well. I'm just hoping to stop the spread before they're all gone.

I know it's silly but raising them from near fry, I get too attached to them and feel somewhat helpless when I can't save them or at least give them relief.  I'd normally use clove oil when a fish gets this bad but these died too quickly to employ it! 

Thanks for your thoughts and ideas on this.

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Viral hemorrhagic septicemia their is none cure   for hemorrhagic septicemia recommended treatment is  a broad spectrum antibiotic in food such as kanaplex to cover against secondary bacterial infections that it causes .as it a viral infection I would also recommend using UV steriliser that breaks the DNA chain of the virus stopping it from reproducing you can run a UV steriliser while treating they food with kanaplex @dasaltemelosguy if you have other tanks make sure you steriliser all your nets and other equipment so you don't spread the pathogen to other tanks a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution is what I use   to sterilise my nets and equipment 

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Thank you. Since they're all eating, I can continue kanaflex/focus in their food and add a second UV.  I definitely kept my other tanks isolated with new siphons and such but only once the first fish developed sores as I didn't know I had an issue until then. 

May I ask, is the viral version common or rare?

I ask because I've never seen a pathogen kill this quickly, in my limited experience that is. 

Also if it proved to be viral (not that I'll ever truly know), does that have 100% fatality or might some form some immunity to it? 

Sorry for all the questions. I'm just trying to prepare for how bad this might get. Thank you again for the help. 

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