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Sick Female Endler


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  • pH - 7.6
  • Nitrates - 25
  • Hardness - 75/150
  • Nitrite - 0
  • Ammonia - 0
  • KH/Buffer - 120
  • Water Temperature - 75

female endler looks very thin like underbelly is caved in and dark. Can see texture underneath like skin is flaking.

not sure what to do, there may be one other female that is starting to look thin



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That one looks like it may have wasting disease/sunken belly.

Have you observed if it is eating, and keeping food down? That may yield some clues. Generally, Levamisole is the go-to med for wasting disease. I have used it successfully, though I have had 2 stubborn cases recently, where the Levamisole didn't seem to work. I used Flubendazole, and it worked. In both of those cases, the fish just spit out the food, and couldn't swallow it.

I will say, Levamisole is a bit easier to work with.



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I agree with @quikv6looks like wasting I would second treating with levamisole you will have to do 3 courses of treatment 1week a part you can use Fritz expel p active ingredient is levamisole I would treat all your fish in the main tank it's more than likely other fish will be infected and not showing symptoms yet

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What I have experienced with wasting disease is that they will always be interested in food. If they eat it, they don't gain weight due to the parasite. If they spit it out, it's because they physically can't swallow due to inflammation as a result of the parasite.

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