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Neat Book About Arowana Industry


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If you like a good fish story... Emily Voigt's "Dragon Behind the Glass" about the Asian arowana industry is very interesting. I'm not finished reading it yet but I'm enjoying it as a look at the fish trade that's about as far from my $3 livebearers as can be.

I actually can't stand to look at arowana (no offense to their fans!) and I have to sit in the part of the local Thai restaurant where I cannot see the tank, or else I will lose my appetite. But I'm fascinated that so many people like them and go to such great lengths to own them, and at the array of... shall we call them characters who are involved in the trade.

Link to the book on Amazon:



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My high school math teacher had a massive fish tank in the classroom with discus and an arowana. The discus were definitely the much more attractive fish, IMO. Whenever we didn't want to do AP statistics first period in the morning we would ask him fish questions. 😂

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