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Is this prolapse?


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I think my blood parrot is prolapsed. I've had her in a qt tank with 2tbsp/gallon of water for a week now, with no improvement or apparent worsening.


If someone has successfully dealt with this before I'd love to hear what worked, she's my favorite fish.

If she isn't prolapsed I'd love to hear that too, along with what you think it may be.20210920_163416.jpg.d5b6e894593bebb2fdc8b305ec71d4ee.jpg20210920_163423.jpg.93d836a8439aab8514386f5da71cc4b5.jpg



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The salt is a great idea for this!!!  I didnt know about the Epsom salt treatment @Colu suggested. I had a Swordtail female that had this happen.  Was the first time experiencing it.  I didnt know what to do so I reached out to a friend and they suggested salt.  I put the fish in my QT tank...a 5 gallon....I used aquarium Salt...2x TBS in 5 gallon of water.  Put fish in and within 2 week all was good.  The fish has since been reintroduced to the others.  Come to find out that the problem came from giving birth. She must have had a rough go of it and caused a problem. 

 In fact when I was going to remove her I found a lone fry in the QT tank with her.  Go figure.

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