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Lily Bulb Help

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On 9/20/2021 at 8:06 AM, Joel Steen said:

Accidentally rolled my bulb over when I was cleaning the tank. Could anyone tell me which side is the roots and which is the top. I’m guessing the side closest in the picture is the bottom?B6481CC8-BCD7-4BE5-84A3-5426705B63B5.jpeg.48e2cb9dc29aec100a60a6af72ec4709.jpeg

The very bottom right bits sticking out look like there might be a triangular bit in there.  If that’s so in real life, that’s your top.  The roots often are coming out of the side so the bulb is almost hanging off to the side of the plant.  Lilies are weird sometimes.

I would put the side facing us up top and see what those bits do for at least a few days.  If any are leaves, they will declare themselves pretty soon.  If they don’t turn into mini leaves, then they should start looking more definitively like roots and you’ll know I was wrong!  😆 

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