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Violet cory's bottom fin


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I got violet cory recently from Aquatic arts.
3 of them had torn top fin,which they said it was probably from shipping,rather than disease.
I was told to keep water clean and stable water parameter and fin would grow back.
Today, I noticed that some cory has 4 bottom fins just like panda cory in my community tank but some just has 2 bottom fin (just front bottom fin).
Is this normal? I was under the impression that cory has 2 front fins and 2 back fin on the bottom belly side. I only got panda cory in the community tank and they are my first cory to keep and not familiar with cory that much.
The panda cory I already put into the community tank after quarantine has 4 fins on the bottom for all. So, it got me thinking,why some of violet cory in quarantine tank does not have 4 fins for all but only some...
Does this mean some fins are missing or violet cory has different bottom fins numbers depending on the gender?
I was more paying attention to top fin when I got them so, I did not notice until today for bottom fin....
Thank you.
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I have some violet cory that has 4 fins on the bottom. Some are 2.

First 3 pictures are with 2 fins ones. And the last one has 4 fins but misshapen tail fin,top fin.

I asked AA about top fin first but they said it was not disease but rather from shipping. I suspected nipped or fin rot too and wondered if I should separate the messed up fin ones but they were already in the same water when they shipped to me, I am keeping them together for now and adding paraguard with stability for now.Today is 5th day of dosing so 9 more days to go to complete the course of quarantine but I think I would keep the fish in the quarantine tank longer til all are looking good before moving them to the destination tank.

The quarantine tank they are in is with bare bottom with handful of gravel from cycled tank.

Someone said with fin damage, clean water would keep it grow back and if needed, add stress guard from seachem. When I do water change, I add stress coat plus from API. Parameter is already being checked up: ammonia zero, Nitrite zero, Nitrate 10  

They have arrived here with damaged fin but hopefully, fins gets better. Fins are not getting worse nor getting better,still the same way it looked.


@Cory, if it were you, how would you go from here? I am just hoping messed up fin does not move on to fin rot.... I hear salt is good for fin rot but with cory, I cannot use, I believe so...I am just putting Almond leave as I was told to by AA people.





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