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Did you fish do anything silly today?

Karen B.

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I have 5 little corydoras fries and for some reason, some of them spent part of the day schooling with my Chili Rasboras which I find absolutely hilarious.

Please excuse the dirty glass (Dean wouldn’t be proud but my excuse is that there is no Aquarium Coop towel in Canada! 🤪)




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One of my Amano shrimp grabbed a Pleco wafer I dropped in the tank for my little L129. It's twice the size of his little shrimp body. I immediately was like, "No bud, that isn't for you...You have your own food over there..." and grabbed my tweezers to get it from him and place it under the log for Pancake (my pleco). This little wise-guy proceeded to pull the wafer away from my tweezers and run backwards with it, shuffling it from side to side, playing keep-away with me for at least 5 minutes. How could I take it from him after that? I just dropped another wafer in for Pancake and walked away laughing. Bravo, little shrimp. Bravo!

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