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Panda Corys growing something strange


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Hey Everyone,


This is my first post and of course its cause somethings wrong. I've had these pandas for over 6 months and they used to be in a larger tank with Tiger barbs and a large pleco and a really angry adult Chinese algae eater. I pulled them out and put them in a 20H Sorority. They have been doing great and were happy and playing. Most of them still are but this one seems to be off by himself and I saw his back and I'm worried. They lost there barbuls when they were in the other tank and they havent grown back yet.





Water Parameters:

  • pH 6.8
  • Nitrates 50
  • Hardness 300
  • Nitrite 0
  • Ammonia 0
  • KH/Buffer 0
  • Water Temperature 77
  • TDS 460 (not that it matters)


Does anyone have any idea what I'm looking at? 



panda4 (2).jpg

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