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Accidental Double Dose of Levamisole: What to do?


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I have two QT tanks side by side. My plan was to give both their first dose of Expel-P today. After putting the first dose in one tank, I got distracted by a ruckus/dog brawl in the other room and when I came back I treated the other. Then I realized I might have put them both in one tank. I literally could not recall.

Should I do a water change, or is two packets in a 10gallon not going to hurt the fish? Anyone know?

Okay, once I was done panicking I looked it up on the Fritz website and they say 

  • Overdosed? Expel-P is very safe and should not have any adverse effects. Perform a water change if distress is observed

So I will follow that guideline and watch the tank closely. 

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I also don't believe you will have any issues with an "overdose". I have dosed, and then added more to food twice in that same day. No issues.

The only other thing I can add is that recently I have had 2 really stubborn cases of wasting/sunken belly. I am not sure if that is what you are treating, but in both cases Levamisole did not yield any positive results. I switched to Flubendazole both times, and both times yielded positive results after the first day.

That may or may not be applicable here, but just wanted to mention it.

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