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Need to apologize


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Early this morning I came across a thread with like 34 replies in like 4 hours, thought this should be interesting. After getting into it became obvious (to me) the original poster was joking or had a few drinks. I replied very late in the conversation and did so in a very sarcastic way. The other 2 forum members involved both were still trying to be helpful and patient, I was not. I did not mean to be disrespectful in anyway, was just joking and being light hearted. 
After thinking about it come to realize this could have been a child or maybe someone with a language barrier. I did not handle myself in a way that I respect about how this forum is structured, to always try to be helpful. Like I said the other members did stay true to that ideal and to that I say thank you. I apologize for my actions and will always be more thoughtful in the future.

all the post have been deleted so no names or context is needed in my opinion.

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On 9/19/2021 at 6:22 PM, Patrick_G said:

Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between someone deliberately trying to push buttons and someone who is neuroatypical and just trying to communicate in their own way. Luckily the the forum’s  spirit of collaborative problem solving usually diffuses the trouble maker. 

Yes at first I thought it was someone just goofing off. I stared goofing off and they went  ahh “weird” to be nice about it. And i knew I shouldn’t have even engaged in the first place. I didn’t want anyone involved or that viewed the post to feel I was part of, trying to incite that type of behavior.

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@Atitagain, I missed the post (I think).

I wanted to say thank you. 


If we could normalize learning... not just learning about fish, but also learning how to return to being human (which means we learn best from our mistakes), people would not be paralyzed by the fear of screwing up. 

Because if we normalize it, screwing up becomes just another opportunity. 


So thank you for recognizing that the other person was probably doing the best they could with the experience and information they had, and taking response ability for how you chose to respond. 

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