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Rainbow Shiners Spawning, etc.

Fish Folk

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Caught my Notropis chrosomus spawning this morning.


Thought I’d shoot some video and show how I prepare the rock tray for collecting eggs. Also, this may help anyone trying to sex M / F shiners.

Also enjoying the new powerhead, my rarely seen Rainbow Darters. Here’s Mrs. “Rainy.” Mr. “Bow” only appears when the dinner bell rings…


The Trio of Xenotoca Doadrioi (Redtail Goodeids) get along perfectly well with the shiners and Darters, though I’ve not seen any fry.



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On 9/17/2021 at 2:28 PM, Hobbit said:

That’s amazing how the shiners went right to the rocks when you put them in! They’re like, “Oh, over here! Over here!!”

Is that the new coop powerhead? I’d love to rig mine to blow bubbles into the water if possible.

It’s just a cheap one from Walmart 

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