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17 minutes ago, yannachka said:

yes, ghost shrimp are bred as feeders primarily and in my experience, aren’t healthy in general. they arent fed good foods, are heavily overstocked at the breeders, wholesalers, and stores, and are kept in poorer conditions. 

I figured as much. Thanks for replying so fast!

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3 hours ago, Tedrock said:

I suggest the more cover the better.  Any floating plant will help but Java moss and guppy grass clumps will increase your success by 5x.  Rock piles also help as well.  Check out the coop’s cherry videos.

I feel like everyone has their "go to" fry plant. I go with hornwort- grows super fast and soaks up nitrates. The only problem is if you let it die, there are needles everywhere and it can be tough to clean up (sort of like when you throw out your dry Christmas tree after the holidays.)
I'm always interested to hear what other people use. I'd probably use guppy grass if I could get my hands on some cheap (local fish club meetings are suspended for the time being,) but java moss grows too slowly for my taste. Although it does look awesome.

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