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Any advice on getting started with a CO2 system?


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My advice....limit your expectations.  A lot of people think Co2 is the magic solution.  When used correctly it is a excellent tool.  When not...it can have disastrous effects. 

I can tell you I have plants in 20 plus tanks....and only one has any form of algae(green hair) in it and its a pleco and guppy fry grow out tank.  Can you say poop factory.  That coupled with I do not vac it the way I should which is why I have the hair algae.  The rest of the tanks including my main display have no algae to mention and none run on Co2.  I tried it years ago with all the best equipt and at first all was going well ....or so I thought.   I definitely did not use it correctly and then the problems started. All kinds of issues... Including killing off an entire tank to Co2 poisonings

I am not telling you this to dissuade you in any way. Just the opposite. Just want you to be aware of the potential problems so you may avoid them. 

I am happy to answer any questions you may have

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