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Eyad Jamus

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Need help. My son just lost an Angel fish that I believe had Velvet disease. He added Blue Planet Multi cure which is a malachite green medicine, meant to treat white spot, Velvet disease and Fungal diseases. He also turned up the heat to 29°c and added 1 table spoon of Aquarium salt per gallon of water. This didn't work as he lost the fish. Today his Ram has the same white marks on his head as well as the red mark (see picture). Is this infact Velvet disease (spots too long and protruded to be ick) or is it something else? 



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On 9/18/2021 at 12:58 AM, Eyad Jamus said:

The Rams poo is normal though. I don't think it is internal parasites to be honest.

It looks like the start of hole in the head  you won't get stringy white poop with that metronidazole and praziquantel are the recommended treatment  are the active ingredient in paracleanse and general cure ick x will cover against any secondary fungal infection 

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