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Keeping Your Aquarium Tools


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On 9/16/2021 at 11:04 PM, Efrojd said:



I was just wondering how you all keep your aquarium tools? I have a Cup that keeps most of my stuff for quick reach but then a black three drawer organizer for my rocks and wood. 

Looking for unique Ideas.. I also have Aquarium Co-Op towels at the ready hanging on my stands.


Thank you,



I have a 6 drawer rolling drawer stack and 2 storage cabinets E93DECFD-C2CE-44A3-9D42-8B3DCFD045F3.jpeg.e78d956cad07180b080f43b6582cb9fb.jpegThen I keep planting tools and test kits in a carrier 7C8FFCC4-4766-45C4-AFC7-7CADD0CB6F9D.jpeg.e5b5cb1e555accf35691af2f538a15ad.jpeg


@Hobbit I love the bar with the hooks, I asked @Guppysnail where she got hers (she totally gave you credit for the idea) and you next level it with the pails hanging on it 👍

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Food test kits wall hang nail polish racks5EAB17D7-0EB9-4CB3-BA69-4CD9C4162E61.jpeg.f28028679335e5f1bd23d79fc8be19be.jpeg309BF908-B4B3-45A5-9F0C-709FF49488E0.jpeg.94fede1ca67d19ffa027ee47d71efe32.jpeg

wet algae brush etc to dry soda can refrigerator holder3D21E377-ED4A-483A-B89C-1BFFCB5A4C22.jpeg.4837ec2c896bf819e4e077f07db36f37.jpeg

rack courtesy @Hobbit92C552D8-C5E5-432D-8D19-E548FFE1D384.jpeg.5d900eea0a78dcd6deda935f77e6f6c1.jpeg

carry baskets courtesy @AtitagainAE4D4C87-472A-48FC-97BF-6C3E37C47D7E.jpeg.02ac4a7428873d91267b7965e02c3685.jpeg

drawers drawer and more drawers also double as drying rack90685BFF-6B2D-4858-98C2-4C3FC9AF6019.jpeg.6b1a7e5bb891e49cbe1eeea12e71a080.jpegBB9DD326-B5FB-417B-9E13-C21EA91EDA13.jpeg.d858528ac51f703f634b12f71718b1f8.jpeg

and two closets of which are so disorganized (today’s project) I would have to leave the forum and die of shame 🤣🤣🤣🤣



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  • My nets hang on hooks on the side of the stand for my 65 gallon stand.
  • I have a restaurant bus tub on the shelf just below the tank that holds stuff that's wet, or doesn't have another home.
  • I have two tanks on chest of drawers and two more on my large desk.  Extra supplies, fish food, etc go in the drawers.
  • A few tools that get used often, like scissors and the long tweezers, stay on a folded towel on the end of the desk beside one of the tanks.
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On 9/17/2021 at 3:34 PM, Hobbit said:

Despite all my organizational options, there’s always 1-5 tools on the top of a tank. 😅

You and me both.  I was notorious for doing that with the different food containers....until my wife started helping me feed and she couldnt handle that and made a special shelf for all the food.84F19D45-596D-4D37-A14E-259B8491C166.jpeg.25fb17d4beac07787c740b948f6030aa.jpeg

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I have stuff scattered all over since I have tanks scattered all over.  I have some stuff in desk drawers where my 29 and a 12 QT tank sit.  I have some stuff in plastic bins under the 75 stand.  I have some in bins on the top shelf (over my head) or the bottom shelf (super skinny only 4” space) of the tank rack.  Some stuff in the repurposed file cabinets where the cubes and 20 long sit.  And finally, some stuff on a new pegboard, magnetic knife rack, and industrial look paper towel and towel hook mounted on the doors of the 100 stand.

What?  I need scissors, tongs, and towels close at hand!

I’ve also bought the last, “clearing out aquarium stuff” from a couple people that were moving or getting rid of aquariums so I have some duplicates.  🤷🏻‍♀️😉 

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I have begun using industrial magnets to store most of my tools, and I grabbed a Christmas wreath hanger to hang hoses up to dry.

I grab Driscoll's berry boxes from Costco to store rocks, gravel, sand, and other scape materials under the bottom shelf of my rack system. I'll regret it if I ever have a water leak, but I am big on free, and the ability to accommodate organization in a tiny space.

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I have a very keen sense of smell, so all of my bottled products (Seachem Prime is a must- I can smell that from any corner in the house) go into one of these airtight containers: 


One container can hold 4 16 ounce Seachem bottles.

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All my food, test kits, medications, etc all reside under my homemade aquarium stand. I'd like to put some racks or shelving in there, but haven't gotten around to it. All my tools and cleaning supplies live in a bucket that I put a Home Depot tool caddy on. The outer pockets hold my siphons really well, and the inner pockets hold my scissors that don't fit in the toolkit. I've also got towels, brushes, and some spare parts in the pockets. Works well for me as I've got a tank in the Living Room and the Bedroom, so the water change stuff needs to be mobile and hidden in the basement when not in use.

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